REINHOCH Suspension and steering parts

Suspension and steering parts


Reliability of a car is the most important for its user. REINHOCH reflects these needs. We achieve reliability thanks to consideration for even the smallest details during a complex process of designing, multiphase manufacturing and quality control at each stage.

Production process precision

Confidence, comfort and peace of mind

REINHOCH parts assembly, garage

Suspension parts are one of crucial elements of a car. They must cooperate with one another very closely, and their proper operation decides about the safety of driving a car. REINHOCH suspension provides confidence, comfort and peace of mind when using your car on a daily basis.

Care for safety

The DNA of REINHOCH products have care for safety of a vehicle on the roads as one of its permanent goals. A team of engineers in factories and another team of lab assistants are taking care of that. Their meticulous work, exchange of knowledge when creating new solutions, careful supervision of each and every stage of production and final verification of a product, make REINHOCH parts really reliable.

InterMeko laboratory, REINHOCH parts quality control

Top quality

InterMeko laboratory, REINHOCH parts testing

We provide top quality to every driver. Our product range has been adapted to European market, which is the most demanding automotive spare parts market all over the world. Consistent work on developing the product range allowed us to meet approx. 95% of applications in the European fleet of motor vehicles.

Why do professionals choose the REINHOCH products?

Reliability in everyday use

Availability in European distribution chain

Quality you can trust

Comprehensive product range