Quality procedures

Our products are a subject to very strict quality control procedures.

Due to creation of an efficient, advanced system of quality control, our products meet Polish and EU quality standards.

The verification procedures of each and every Reinhoch product are realized before it is launched on the market.

Stamp and quality seal inform about the product compliance with the standards and norms.

Laboratory controlled quality

Before REINHOCH products are delivered to end users, they undergo a series of tests in line with ISO standards, including tensile strength tests, material structure and chemical composition tests, durability tests, weather conditions resistance tests and hardness tests.

The main aim of these tests is to ensure safety and top quality of products, required in the automotive industry.

Certified manufacturing processes

Factories where REINHOCH products are manufactured have the most modern procedures of production processes implemented for the needs of the automotive industry, following the guidelines of IATF 16949 certification.

European certification

We are using the best practice of European certification centres, that is why our products undergo periodical certification.

Automated production

Top quality requires repeatable production. We are able to achieve it on automated, technologically advanced and robotic production lines.

Product identification

Laser marking of the products with a logo and special code is an additional confirmation of top quality of the products which are delivered to the European market.

Hologram seal

Boxes are protected with a hologram seal, to make sure that no-one has opened your product before.

Care for ecology

Being concerned about the ecology, already in the production process, we are minimizing the quantity of paper, foil and paint to minimum. We are also optimizing delivery process, to limit to minimum the carbon footprint, and all gasses which are created in manufacturing process are filtered.