Reinhoch assortment includes truck and off-highway segments

Up to now, Reinhoch's offer included mainly suspension and steering components for most cars traveling under EU roads. Currently, Reinhoch is expanding its offer to include parts for trucks and off-highway vehicles.

In the truck segment, the Reinhoch brand has a wide range, including components such as:

  • tie rods and tie rod ends (the tie rod is responsible for transmitting the movement of the steering gear generated by turning the wheel),
  • track control arm (components that absorb lateral and longitudinal forces),
  • stabilizer links (together with stabilizers, they reduce lateral body lean during turning),
  • rubber-metal elements (reduce vibration and noise transmitted through structural components),
  • shock absorbers (also known as power steering actuators used in commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, on the front and rear axles play a key role in helping drivers drive heavy goods vehicles for smoother and more precise driving).
Assortment Reinhoch

In the off-highway segment, Reinhoch currently offers steering components, but there is ongoing work to expand the offer.

Regular maintenance and servicing is an important aspect of the suspension in trucks and trailers. By replacing worn parts and regular lubrication as well as suspension adjustments, your vehicle can be well maintained and ensure safe driving. Defective or damaged suspension components can lead to worse driving conditions, difficulties in steering, and the risk of accidents. Thanks to its innovative approach, Reinhoch is constantly introducing new technologies and materials into its production. Using advanced manufacturing procedures, Reinhoch ensures that each product is characterized by excellent quality and meets the expectations of demanding customers.

Assortment Reinhoch

Why is it worth choosing Reinhoch?

All factories of Reinhoch parts undergo certification according to the IATF 16949 guidelines, assuring customers not only quality but also management, production organization, and product identification.

At the production stage, parts undergo rigorous tests to check strength, material structure, and chemical composition. Therefore, it is easy to check their weather resistance and how they withstand the most difficult road conditions.

The tests conducted at the independent laboratories of Intermeko Europe consist of:

  • strength tests,
  • material structure tests,
  • chemical composition tests,
  • weather resistance tests,
  • hardness tests.

have confirmed the highest quality of Reinhoch products.

The aforementioned tests and certification are not only a guarantee for the buyer that he will receive a product of the highest quality but it is also a guarantee of the repeatability of a given part regarding its composition and features.

When purchasing Reinhoch parts, each customer can be sure that he will receive a product of the highest quality similar to OE products at an extremely attractive price. We are sure that by choosing our brand, you will remain loyal to it.

Assortment Reinhoch

You can find a wide range of Reinhoch products in Inter Cars branches and in the Online Catalog and Inter Cars e-Catalog.